One of the nicest things about being in Beijing at this point in history is watching the ways that the city processes the huge amounts of new cultural info that enter it each day. On its surface, Beijing’s cultural identity seems pretty fixed. It’s the PRC’s symbolic center, and it needs to look the part. But if you look below the surface, you can see a city passionately seeking out and soaking in new forms of living. A couple years ago I did a series of conversations with people who I thought were at the front of this process. (Here’s one with the owner of Beijing’s first reggae bar (since destroyed) and one with the director of China’s first non-profit art space (since resigned)).

The wonderful web TV series Sexy Beijing has just posted a couple of new episodes examining transgendered life in the capital. They feature Mei Mei, the queen of Beijing`s cross-dressing scene, and a few of her acolytes. Check it out.

Part 1:
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Part 2:
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