A few years ago I saw a little feature on something called “Age me“, an online application that will digitally age your photo to show how would look after, say, 40 years of smoking or eating fast food, anorexia, excessive exposure to sun, things of that nature. The show presented it as a kind of scared straight program for reckless twenty-somethings, and as I was twenty-something at the time, I sat up and took notice. Since that day, I’ve always been curious to give Age Me a whirl, probably because I am currently maintaining several long-term bad habits for which I expect to pay dearly in my later years. Never did though, and today I realized that I don’t have to, because I’m pretty sure this is what it’s gonna look like:

Real shit. Plus that David Guetta and Kudi song was my guilty pleasure jam of 2009. No joke. Uncanny likeness…

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