The next edition of my friend Josh’s journal Habitus is dropping soon. I’ve written about this wonderful project before (Issue 03: Buenos Aires, Issue 04: New Orleans) and I haven’t received the issue yet, so I’ll keep this post brief. Buy it.

Table of contents and a video interview with one of the issue’s contributors, the photographer Jason Eskenazi after the break.

Jason Eskenazi talks about Wonderland and Title Nation from Habitus A Diaspora Journal on Vimeo.

Habitus 05 Table of Contents

1. Editor’s Note
Maternal Capital
“As inseparable from the past as a mother’s embrace.”

2. Essay
A Book of Moscow
by Olga Derkach & Vladislav Bykov
“These restorations are worse than the previous destruction.”

3. Essay
Communal Fictions
by Lev Rubinstein
“Communal consciousness gave rise to the communal myth.”

4. Memoir
Strangers in Moscow
by Maria Galina
“Moscow is one of the few cities that will accept you as you are.”

5. Essay
Anyone Home?
by Zinovy Zinik
“Perhaps I emigrated to find out how it felt to be a foreigner.”

6. Poetry
by Mikhail Aizenberg

7. Memoir
How I Became Multicultural
by Yuri Slezkine
“I reverted to being Soviet in 1993.”

8. Poetry
by Sergei Gandlevsky

9. Fiction
…And Died on the Same Day
by Ludmila Ulitskaya
“The thing she most loved in life was death.”

10. Fiction
Everything Flows
by Vassily Grossman
“It was good to be escaping the vastness of Moscow.”

11. Portfolio
Title Nation
by Jason Eskenazi & Valeri Nistratov

12. Fiction
by Linor Goralik

13. Poetry
by Olga Zondberg

14. Fiction
Verhovsky and Son
by Leonid Kostyukov
“He practiced losing his father.”

15. Poetry
by Dmitry Kuzmin

16. Interview
A Conversation with Jonathan Brent
“I prefer the slow violence of capitalism to a shot in the back of the

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