Man. I just received this from my friend Lisa. It was apparently made by some dude named Stoops who is a cadet at the US Air Force Academy. Don’t want to give away too much away, so just watch first.

Now, I’m not even gonna get into all the amusing details of this thing, that’s what post comments are for I guess. I just want to say, first of all, PROPS to you Cadet Pele for bringing that big ass speaker to your Air Force Academy dorm room. I’ve never been to a military academy of any kind, but I assume they look down on thumping basslines. You’re making a statement on day one hauling that thing in there, a statement in affirmation of joy. Second, although it may feel like he humiliated you by secretly taping you and then showing it to all his friends then putting it up on the internet and trying to style it out like he’s some sort of secret agent, the reality is that your roommate’s done you a favor. I can imagine that in your life you encounter strong anti-freekydeek forces. At times perhaps you even question whether your God-given love of music and dance is a curse, something that marks you out from your peers, a secret to be hidden away in your dorm room. But I know that deep in your heart you know music is what makes life worth living. You couldn’t give it up if you tried. But your hating ass roommate doesn’t know your joy and so while him and his non-dancing buddies are yucking it up at your expense, I sincerely hope that you feel sorry for them. I saw the way you tried to loosen Stoops up when he crashed your party. I admire that, but believe me he’s wound way too tight to ever make his ass pop to some C+C Music Factory. That simply will never happen. But he’s not to be resented for what he did, because he’s actually done you a favor by forcing you to embrace who truly you are: the dancingest MF at the US Air Force Academy. Salute!

PS – Go Steelers!

PPS – And just in case you’re concerned that your affliction will make it difficult for you to find employment outside of the exotic dancing industry, I ask you to take a look at this clip. Peep the camera man at about the 20 second mark. Do you think there’s a happier person on that set?

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