One time when I was on a flight to Dublin a hard drinking Irishman seated next to me told me that my ipod could only produce electromagnetic interference if I was listening to electronic music. Acoustic music, he explained, could be enjoyed to the heart’s content without disturbing the plane’s navigational frequencies or endangering anyone. He was already pretty twisted at this point, but he told me his theory with dead seriousness and ever since whenever I fly I make a point of listening to as much unplugged music as I can as a kind of tribute my neighbor’s next level thinking.

Aaaanyhoo, the other day when I was flipping channels I caught this performance by Bon Iver on Letterman and it reminded me of that story…

YouTube Preview Image

Awesome. What a beautiful group of weirdos. I would like to get a job as a tambourine player or dancer or something with these gentlemen. The lumberjack looking dude is named Justin Vernon. He wrote and recorded all songs on Bon Iver’s debut album “For Emma, Forever Ago” in a cabin in northern Wisconsin. The album is good and about as acoustic as it gets. I’m flying back to Beijing tomorrow and this will definitely be in my earphones.

The song is called “Skinny love”. Here’s the log cabin version:

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You can listen to more of the album streaming here. Also, here’s a cool clip of group performing “Dance dance dance” in a park with Lykke Li.

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