VERY FEEL has been down for a minute, and I just want to take a second to thank everyone who wrote to me and asked if things are ok. It’s really cool that you’re checking and makes it worth doing. Respect.

The reason I haven’t updated is because some lame hacked my little site and installed some malware that caused spam to go out if you clicked on certain posts. Not a virus or anything horrible like that. Just some pop-ups for products and services you don’t want. Google found this and flagged the site and told me I had to improve security.

So I thought it would be smarter to just lay off til I get the site safe and sound. Usually if I don’t make new posts for a while the traffic goes way down, so it was a kind of anti-promo campaign. And MAN did it work:


So anyway, with the help of this blog and this blog I solved the problems, and have been given a clean bill of health from google and, etc. So back to action.

But this whole time I’ve still been making posts, just not putting them up. So I’m going to post them up now…. I’ll keep the original dates, because otherwise it’d be totally confusing. Peace.

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