Well, Snoop’s got a new video out. It’s for “Sexual Seduction,” the first single off his new album Ego Trippin’. And it is a winner.

Anyone paying close attention to Snoop’s music over the past few years has probably noticed the increasing number of references to the early-to-mid-80s synth funk steelo. One minute he’s mouthing the words to Slave’s “Watching you,” the next he’s rapping over the Cameo classic “She’s strange,” then he’s got the Gap Band‘s Charlie Wilson dressed up like Jay-Z singing next to Justin Timberlake. It’s nothing less than a one-man musical revival.

I’ve been gung-ho for this whole trend since the start, not just because I’m a big fan of the sound, but because the pop funk aesthetic is some of the silliest shit you’re ever gonna see. Forged at the intersection of the LSD-fueled space pageantry of Funkadelic and the Coke-fueled sexual androgyny of Prince, synthesizer funk produced some great songs and an absolutely incredible quantity of images like this:


Not to mention this:


Well, after becoming more and more intimate with the pop funk sound, Snoop’s now decided to go all in and adopt the visuals to match.

YouTube Preview Image

Hoo boy.

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