This week Charlie and i have been spending time in and around the Canton Fair (also referred to by its much sexier title The China Import & Export Fair)

The Canton Fair is the biggest in the world. It happens twice a year. The current one is the 100th ever, and draws in people from literally ever imaginable part of the world. Being in Guangzhou, the heart of Chinese manufacturing, the fair is the main showcase for the incredible range of products currently being made in China. The things available for purchase range from gas masks to ice cream cone making machines to garden gnomes to erotic air fresheners to whatever you call that weird contraption that causes children’s shoes to light up on impact with the ground.

The think overwhelming is how I would describe it.

This is just one floor of one of the buildings…

The scale and rigorousness of the hustling and haggling going on gives me a strange, ominous feeling like Moses was gonna suddenly appear from on high and punish us all for the greed and gluttony on display.

That hasn’t happened though, and so Charlie and I are going around interviewing the visitors, possibly for a special issue of UNIT. I’ll post up a sample interview in a couple days….

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