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Global Grad Show

Global Grad Show is an annual exhibition of graduate projects from the world’s leading design and technology schools, held each November as part of Dubai Design Week.

Curatorial intro to the 2017 edition:

Designers these days are well thought of but poorly understood. Most of us assume that a designer’s job is to make things beautifully, to elevate an ordinary object so that it sparkles. This assumption isn’t unfair, but it misses something essential.

The beauty of a design is often in its idea, in the impulse that the work responds to and the effectiveness of its answer. A great design delivers both a diagnosis and a cure. It identifies an unseen opportunity or unexpressed need and suggests a solution.

Global Grad Show is an exhibition of beautiful ideas. The projects presented here take many forms. Some are conceptually simple, some technically complex. Many are physical; some are purely virtual. There are products intended for infants and for the elderly, for athletes, office workers, fruit vendors, and families displaced by war.

The work you’ll see here is drawn from 92 of the world’s best design schools. They are spread across 43 countries and 6 continents; to visit them all would require over 200 hours in flights alone. Rather than sectioning them off in school-specific zones, at Global Grad Show the works are mixed together and organized according to what a project does, rather than what it is. Exhibits in the Empower section offer new ways to spark ideas and expand our abilities. The Connect section is concerned with bridging people, places, and the on- and offline worlds. Sustain is a survey of innovative approaches to making the most of our limited resources.

Like its exhibits, Global Grad Show is concerned with design but motivated by humanity. Almost every project included in the exhibition is represented by one of its authors, making Global Grad Show the most diverse student gathering ever assembled. Throughout Design Week, this exhibition will host workshops, discussions, informal interviews and impromptu meetings. No topic is off limits; no question is too simple or issue too complex. We hope that you’ll take part.

Director, Curator

Project Manager: Bader Bukhari
Exhibition Coordinator: Judelle Abayan
Graphic Designer: Raad Haider
Exhibition Design: Bond (2015), Ab Rogers Design (2016), Electra Events & Exhibitions (2017)
Exhibition Buildup: Electra Events & Exhibitions
Film director: Ted Beagles (Forward James Filmmakers)
Commissioner: Art Dubai Group, Dubai Design Week